non-profit : Developing Young Entrepreneurs


developing young entrepreneurs

There is an african proverb that says, “it takes a whole village to raise a child" and we believe this message strongly conveys our intentions for this art program. It is vital that skills are developed that perhaps are not being taught or seen in certain households which should be introduced to our youth if we are to save them from the streets. In building young entrepreneurs through the arts and providing guidance and instruction, we can positively impact their future which will in turn, benefit the community. By giving them the tools to create jobs and build careers, we open up possibilities that provide choices to youth as opposed to them feeling trapped or stifled by what they thought their options were. We want to spark passion and open up talents that are lying dormant in the youth of today. We work to champion them, to protect and encourage them and we want to assist others to do so as well. This is a materialistic world, it is difficult for young people to escape the traps, yet it behooves us to make available the experiences that can insure success. Honor and integrity must be lived through experiences not empty words