Gloria Ward

Glo is 69 years old and lives in New Orleans, LA. She takes no medicine, grows all her own food and is passionate about creating and teaching sustainable life practices to New Orleans youth. She specializes in growing collard greens and field peas and her motto is “if you can’t touch with love, don’t touch at all.” Throughout her life she has been involved in many non-profit ventures with children, homeless and the elderly. Gloria, along with the Divine Foundation organize feedings for the homeless and elderly in New Orleans once a month. Gloria’s garden focuses on sharing food and love from the soil to the soul.


Julia Gobin

Julia is 28 years old and living in New Orleans, LA. After living in Brazil and spending time traveling through South America she became fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and was able to make connections with small groups of women. Those connections led her to start a retail venture, which features the art and products of those women while also highlighting her own unique creations. She has worked as a kindergarten teacher as well as a seamstress where she makes her own clothes and was looking for an opportunity to share those skills with youth in the city.  Becoming involved in Gloria’s Garden has created the perfect opportunity to unify her passions and she was inspired to found The Collective NOLA alongside Miss Gloria.


Kaya Nicole

Kaya is 28 years old living in New Orleans, LA.  She is a community activist and entertainer originally from New York City.  She performs locally in a Bossa Nova band, and is planning to release her first album in 2018.  Kaya began her work as an activist in the area of prison reform in Harlem.  When she came to New Orleans, she became the site director of a flood relief group called Louisiana Burners without Borders (BWB).  Through her capacity as a director, she’s been able to raise funds and supplies for victims of the Baton Rouge flood, Hurricane Harvey, and the tornado in New Orleans East. With a grant from BWB, she created the Treme Farmers Market along with local gardener extraordinaire: Gloria Ward.  In addition to singing and performing about town, she now runs a monthly farmers market and festival every first Saturday at Gloria’s Garden in the Treme.


Jordan "Oba" Lorrius

Jordan is 29 years old and a teacher/entrepreneur owner in New Orleans. Jordan is a musician, educator, philanthropist, composer, activist and businessman. He attended Eastern State Connecticut State University and received a Bachelor degree in Communication Psychology. Lorrius was awarded Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award in 2009, the Eastern Connecticut State University Community Service Award for Leadership in 2010 and served as Arts for Peace Goodwill Ambassador and was recognized as the Emerging Artist by World Association of Former United Nations Interns and Fellows in 2011. Jordan Lorrius tells stories in the form of song and film. Guided and nurtured by Haitian parents who are missionaries, Lorrius has the inherent desire to work with inspiring people around the globe who wish to share their talents and experiences for the betterment of society on a global scale.