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Tremé Farmers market

Since Hurricane Katrina, the Treme has been without fresh and affordable produce.  The Claiborne Corridor, once known for its bustling markets, community spaces and plant life, was hit hard by crisis and tragedy capitalism.  Though millions of dollars has been raised for the development of the area, little to none of that investment has been seen by local businesses and residents.

So we decided to put on a market that would directly address the needs of local residents, as well as support local businesses that have otherwise been excluded from the growing economy of New Orleans because of gentrification and other exploitative practices.

In preparation for the farmers market and festival, we had 100 or more volunteers from groups like Burners without Borders, Camp Restore, Channel 4 news and more, come by and help plant, paint murals and construct chairs and tables for the garden.  

We are looking forward to our monthly farmers markets and festivals, and to support the community that helped us grow.  We intend to have a festival every first Saturday of the month, involving live entertainment, arts and crafts for children and community sessions and workshops.  The next one will be Saturday, December 2nd.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, and for supporting our budding garden.  You can find out more about our efforts in Louisiana by looking up Louisiana Burners without Borders on facebook.

Check out our GoFundMe , and if you are interested in participating in the farmers market, please contact Kaya at